Food, Water, & Sunshine

I guess you could say that I am embarking on a bit of a health journey. I used to be a health and fitness junkie, but over the past couple of years of going through nursing school I fell way off of the wagon. And it has been catching up to me! I had aContinue reading “Food, Water, & Sunshine”

A Not So Dainty Breakfast

I have a confession…. I have a huge appetite! I am just not one of those girls who has a dainty, aesthetically pleasing smoothie bowl for breakfast. I like eggs, bacon, potatoes; basically, I eat breakfast like a cattle rancher many mornings.¬†Especially in the winter! A hearty breakfast gets me through a cold morning atContinue reading “A Not So Dainty Breakfast”

A Homemaking Blog?

Am I really starting a homemaking blog? Okay, I plan to post about other things too, but homemaking will be a big part of it. But really, who am I to start a homemaking blog? Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I have never been what one would call “domestic.” In fact,Continue reading “A Homemaking Blog?”

Feeling Like Christmas

Let’s talk Christmas decorations. Okay, so I know most of you have probably already decorated for Christmas by this point! But these tips could go toward next year. After all, those after Christmas sales are about to hit! Choosing a theme and color scheme Someone gave me advice a few years ago to choose aContinue reading “Feeling Like Christmas”