Feeling Like Christmas

Let’s talk Christmas decorations. Okay, so I know most of you have probably already decorated for Christmas by this point! But these tips could go toward next year. After all, those after Christmas sales are about to hit!

Choosing a theme and color scheme

Someone gave me advice a few years ago to choose a theme and color scheme. Since I have starting doing that, my decorations are more cohesive and put together. Think about the kind of vibe or feel you want to go for. Do you want a traditional Christmas feel with reds, greens, silver, and gold (my personal favorite)? Do you want a more contemporary vibe, with silvers and golds? Do you love an all white farmhouse chic look? Or maybe you like non-traditional Christmas decor, think pinks or blues.

My Christmas theme is traditional. I want my decorations to be reminiscent of my childhood, and give my living a space a very Christmasey feel. My ultimate goal is for my home to feel like you stepped into a Hallmark movie! I am not quite there yet, but I am slowly building up my collection. My color scheme is red and green with hints of silver and gold. Most of my ornaments are basic and traditional. I like white lights for a clean look.

About the tree

The focal point of the home during the Christmas season is the Christmas tree (or trees). Do you want a real tree, or an artificial tree? Also, think about what size of tree will work in your space. I must add too, that a small living space does not mean that you need a small tree. I have lived in small spaces for years, and have three trees! Two of them are mini trees, but still, don’t skimp on a tree! My main tree is six foot, and skinny. I currently live in an apartment, and previously lived in a one room log cabin, so I needed a tree that could fit in a small space. However, I love that it is still tall so it feels like a real tree. Skinny trees are great for tight spaces!

Back when I was living on the farm, I used to cut my own trees from the woods. I would wander through the woods on a chilly day, and find the perfect little cedar tree for my little cabin. It was always so meaningful to have a tree from the land I lived on. I only switched to an artificial tree so that I could leave it up for longer!

While I love the feel and smell of a real tree, artificial trees are great too. Like I said, I love being to have my tree up for longer. In fact, last year I left my up for a while as a part of my winter decorations. I took the decorations off, and packed away the Christmaseyest decorations, and left the rest for a wintery feel – another idea I got from Hallmark movies!

Happy decorating

I think the most important thing of all though is to choose decorations that bring meaning, and joy, to your home during the Christmas season! Have fun with decorating, and remember that there is no such thing as too much Christmas spirit!

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Blogger, equestrian, registered nurse, and lover of all things outside!

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