A Not So Dainty Breakfast

I have a confession….

I have a huge appetite! I am just not one of those girls who has a dainty, aesthetically pleasing smoothie bowl for breakfast. I like eggs, bacon, potatoes; basically, I eat breakfast like a cattle rancher many mornings. Especially in the winter! A hearty breakfast gets me through a cold morning at the horse farm without getting hungry. I fully believe that food is fuel, and with an active lifestyle, I need a lot of fuel!  

I find that a balance of protein, fat, and carbs keeps me full and satisfied until lunch. This particular breakfast was also very easy, and quick, to prepare using a couple of convenient substitutions to preparing it from scratch.

Pre-cooked bacon and potatoes that just need to go in the microwave can make a full breakfast totally doable during the week. Of course, I still cook the microwavable bacon on the stove to give it a nice crisp! It only takes a few minutes though. I then toss the eggs in the already hot pan. The potatoes frozen potatoes that just need to be microwaved in the bag. I also often roast potatoes for dinner, and will have the leftovers with breakfast! All in all, this breakfast took about 10 minutes to prepare! And I finished it off by topping off the eggs with some feta and salsa!

Bon appetit!

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