Cornish Game Hen

So, I must admit that I am not much of a cook. Well, not yet anyway! It is a skill I am slowly but surely working to improve upon. I also spent much of young adult life as a vegetarian, only adding meat back in a little over a year ago. Thus, cooking meat is fairly new to me. However, the other night I roasted a cornish game hen and it actually didn’t turn out half bad! And if I can manage the recipe anyone can!

Full disclosure, the “recipe” I used was really just instructions from my Dad on how to roast it properly. Although I did come up with the seasoning on my own! It was quite easy, only took a little over an hour, and lasted for two meals. So, I figured I would share it on here!


-Cornish game hen


-Seasoning – I used salt and pepper, an herb blend called Herbes de Provence (pictured below), and onion powder

The Process:

I preheated the oven to 350. Next, I melted a generous amount of butter in a roasted pan, and brushed it over the chicken. I continued to brush melted butter over the chicken every thirty minutes while it cooked – which was a little over an hour. I cooked it until It was browned, and about 165 degrees in the center. Nice and simple! And it remained tender and moist, which is a pretty big accomplishment for me when it comes to chicken!

The Sides:

For the sides I sauteed spinach with olive oil, and salt and pepper; as well as squash and onions with an oil blend (pictured below), salt and pepper, and whole garlic cloves! Both dishes, I sauteed until the vegetables were nice and soft!

Although this meal took a little over an hour, it was quite simple and lasted two meal for me! It was also tasty, and fairly health (if you don’t mind a bit of butter)! Simple meals of a meat, and vegetables, are a must for me right now as I have just begun working as a nurse and unfortunately only have so much time for cooking. And as I said above, I am still new to preparing meat. I must say, this was one my better chicken dishes. I think that I may be getting the hang of it!

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